Monica Dominguez

Area Director

Monica joined Smile Train in 2012 to help manage programs in Mexico and has grown within the organization since. Now as Area Director, Monica oversees the growth and maintenance of the cleft programs in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. She has dedicated her efforts to ensure that children with clefts have access to dignified, comprehensive, and free treatment throughout the region.  

Monica studied odontology at the Universidad Latinoamericana with a specialization in craniofacial orthodontics at the General Hospital Manuel Gea González. She has focused her efforts to create a strong network of partner medical professionals who not only offer quality treatment, but also a model of interdisciplinary care. This network of partners provides reconstructive surgeries, psychological therapy, speech and language therapy, orthodontics, and nutritional support to Smile Train patients as they reach each developmental stage. Monica believes that by bringing together the best talents and wills of our region we can continue to change the world, one smile at a time.