Faustino: The Journey to a Smile

Smile Train

38-year-old Faustino walked for more than 10 hours over the Andes Mountains with his wife leading the way.

Faustino and his wife

    He arrived in Ayacucho, weary and exhausted, just for the chance to have his cleft lip repaired.

Faustino and his wife at the hospital

    As an Alpaca farmer in Peru with limited resources, Faustino lived 38 long years with an unrepaired cleft lip.

Faustino waking from surgery

    And in 45 short minutes, with the help of Smile Train, Faustino’s life was changed forever.

Faustino's wife looks at his new smile

    After surgery, Faustino hurried to see his wife— she was his smile maker on his journey to a smile.

Faustino looks into mirror to look at lip

    For the first time in his life Faustino saw his face in the mirror, with his wife right by his side. His new smile was a reflection 38 years in the making.

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